Unreal Videos


Since 2020, I've been periodically working on a series of free videos about programming in Unreal Engine. Some of my key goals:

Sticking to those goals is in no way profitable, but I believe it yields a genuinely useful and high-quality end product. The generous support of Patrons plays a key role in incentivizing me to work on videos when I can find the time. Thanks, Patrons!

In release order, from to newest to oldest:

Blueprints vs. C++: How They Fit Together and Why You Should Use Both


It's not an either/or decision. Learn what makes C++ and Blueprints different, what they have in common, and how to use them together effectively. We'll also learn a thing or two about performance optimization and some basic software design concepts.

Multiplayer in Unreal Engine: How to Understand Network Replication


An overview of the essential concepts for writing multiplayer game code in Unreal, in under 25 minutes or your money back.

The Unreal Engine Game Framework: From int main() to BeginPlay


What happens when you start up your Unreal Engine game? This video is a guided tour of the Engine's initialization process: along the way, we'll glimpse the high-level structure of the Engine (modules, game instances, local players, and viewports) and we'll see how all the different parts of the Game Framework (game modes, game states, player controllers, and the like) fit together.

Unreal vs. Unity: Actors & Components, Inheritance & Composition


Unreal, Unity, and Godot have some similar design patterns, but there are a few things that set UE4 apart. We'll look at the range of Actor and ActorComponent classes available in Unreal, and we'll explore a few different ways to put them together.

The Roots of Unreal Engine 4: Game Engines from 2006 to Today


Unreal is an extremely full-featured AAA game engine among many great alternatives. Let's look at these engines' roots, and at how access to game development tools has changed over the past 15 years.

What do you do when Unreal Editor crashes?


Take a deep breath. Bugs are annoying, but they're ultimately knowable. Whether you know your way around a debugger or you just want to report a problem and get back to work, here's how to do your part.

Unreal Engine C++ Project Setup, From Scratch


This video demonstrates how to create an Unreal C++ project from scratch, starting from a fresh install of Windows. Along the way, we'll look at the anatomy of an Unreal project and learn a bit about the build system, and we'll demonstrate a Visual-Studio-free workflow.