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Defines classes for parsing and compiling relation declarations, which consist of a name, then a series of newline-separated box and connection declarations inside a block of curly braces. Shell-style comments (prefixed with #) may be included within the body:

class RelationSyntax(name, boxes, connections)[source]

Represents the abstract syntax of a relation constraint declaration, consisting of a name, a list of box syntax objects, and a list of connection syntax objects. Note that order is preserved among boxes and among connections respectively, but that the order of connections relative to boxes is insignificant.

__init__(name, boxes, connections)[source]

Initializes a new relation syntax object with the given name and the the provided box and connection structures.


Converts the syntax object into its raw string representation.


Checks and compiles this relation constraint from its abstract syntax into a new RelationDeclaration. object.

Parameters:relations – The list of relation declarations compiled so far. Used to resolve macro references.
Returns:the newly created relation declaration.
Raises :a CompilationError if any static checks fail.
classmethod parse(text)[source]

Parses the given input text to produce a new RelationSyntax object.

Returns:the newly created syntax object.
Raises :a ParsingError if syntax is invalid.
classmethod splitBodyLines(text)[source]

Given the input text for a relation constraint definition’s body, returns a list of the individual lines of that definition, omitting whitespace and comments.