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Defines classes for node declarations that represent macros, or references to earlier-defined relation constraints used as boxes.

class MacroNodeDeclaration(boxDeclaration, nodeIndex, isSrc)[source]

Bases: fbrelation.declarations.node.base.NodeDeclaration

Represents an input or output node of a macro box. Macro nodes employ an additional level of indirection over plain box nodes, as the node names given in the connection declarations correspond to the names of input or output macro tool boxes in the relation constraint instantiated by the macro box.

__init__(boxDeclaration, nodeIndex, isSrc)[source]

Initializes a new macro box node, storing the index of the node on the appropriate side of the corresponding macro box.


Overridden to search the given FBBox object for an input or output animation node at the appropriate offset.

Returns:the corresponding FBAnimationNode.
Raises :an ExecutionError if no such node can be found.