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Defines base classes for node declarations.

class NodeDeclaration(boxDeclaration, isSrc)[source]

Abstract base class for a node declaration, which refers to some animation node of a specific box. A node declaration is one part of a connection declaration and is either a source (to the left of the arrow) or a destination (to the right of the arrow).

__init__(boxDeclaration, isSrc)[source]

Initializes a new node declaration which refers to some node of the given box. isSrc indicates whether that box is used as a source or a destination in the connection.


Overridden by subclasses in order to resolve the appropriate FBAnimationNode of the associated box, using the supplied FBBox component to locate and return the node.

Returns:the FBAnimationNode that corresponds to this declaration.
Raises :an ExecutionError if the node can not be found.

Helper function that returns the parent animation node on either side of the given box component, depending on whether the node is the source or the destination in its connection. Source connections send data through their output nodes, whereas destination connections receive data through their input nodes.

_findNode(boxComponent, nodeName)[source]

Helper function that attempts to find an animation node matching the given name on the appropriate side (output vs. input) of the given FBBox object. Returns None if the box has no matching node.

_getNode(boxComponent, nodeIndex)[source]

Helper function that attempts to get the animation node at the specified offset on the appropriate side (output vs. input) of the given FBBox object. Returns None if the given index is out of bounds.