Python Scripting in MotionBuilder

This short series of videos aims to orient new users to MotionBuilder’s Python API. It assumes some programming background as well as familiarity with MotionBuilder as an end user.

Part One introduces the scripting environment within MotionBuilder and demonstrates a simple script written with MotionBuilder's Python API module.

Part Two points out some of the resources that can be used to decipher the occult mysteries of the MotionBuilder API.

Part Three dives into the major concepts necessary to understand how the scene is put together, and the common functionality inherent in all scene objects.

Part Four describes how to obtain references to objects in the scene, first using the global functions of pyfbsdk, and then with the help of the FBScene class.

Part Five describes the utility classes related to time and animation playback, including FBTime, FBTimeSpan, and FBPlayerControl.

Part Six is a rundown of the major classes involved in animation which attempts to explain how properties, animation nodes, and FCurves fit together.

Part Seven is an in-depth look at how to manipulate FCurves, including adding, removing, and modifying keyframes.

Part Eight describes how to create a library to contain common utility functions, and why we'd want to have such a thing in the first place.

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