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Defines classes for the different types of box declarations.


Classes: BoxDeclaration

Defines base classes for box declarations.


Classes: FunctionBoxDeclaration

Defines base classes for box declarations that represent function boxes.


Classes: MacroToolBoxDeclaration, MacroInputBoxDeclaration, MacroOutputBoxDeclaration

Defines classes for macro tools, special forms of function boxes that allow the relation constraints in which they’re included to be used as a macros.


Classes: MacroBoxDeclaration

Defines classes for box declarations that represent macros (i.e., other relation constraints used as boxes).


Classes: PlaceholderBoxDeclaration, SenderBoxDeclaration, ReceiverBoxDeclaration

Defines classes for placeholder boxes, which serve as proxies for scene objects in order to send data to or receive data from the relation constraint in which they’re included.