Source code for fbrelation.exceptions


Defines exception classes used by the library.

[docs]class RelationException(Exception): ''' Base class for all exceptions relating to relation constraint declarations. ''' pass
[docs]class ParsingError(RelationException): ''' Indicates a problem with the syntax of a declaration (improper formatting, for example). May be raised during parsing, when the input text is being parsed into abstract syntax objects. ''' pass
[docs]class CompilationError(RelationException): ''' Indicates a problem with the semantics of the declaration (e.g., an unresolved reference or an improper combination of attributes). May be raised during the static checking and compilation process, when declaration objects are being built from abstract syntax data structures. ''' pass
[docs]class ExecutionError(RelationException): ''' Indicates a runtime problem that could not be anticipated through static checking, such as a missing animation node, component, or function box type within MotionBuilder. May be raised during execution, when FBConstraintRelation objects are being instantiated from declarations. ''' pass