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Defines base classes for box declarations.

from fbrelation.declarations.node import BoxNodeDeclaration

[docs]class BoxDeclaration(object): ''' An abstract base class that defines the declaration of a box within a relation constraint. All types of boxes can have nodes which are referenced by connections. '''
[docs] def __init__(self, name): ''' Initializes a new box declaration with the given name. ''' = name
[docs] def execute(self, constraint, relationComponents): ''' Overridden by subclasses in order to create and configure a new box of the appropriate type within the given FBConstraintRelation. :param relationComponents: Maps the names of the relation declarations executed so far to the corresponding FBConstraintRelation objects. Used to resolve macro references. :returns: The newly created FBBox object. :raises: an :class:`.ExecutionError` if the box can not be created. ''' raise NotImplementedError
[docs] def createNodeDeclaration(self, nodeName, isSrc): ''' Creates and returns a new :class:`.NodeDeclaration` object for a node of the given name within this box. :param isSrc: Represents whether the connection uses this box as a source (with an output node) or a destination (with an input node). :note: The default implementation uses the base :class:`.BoxNodeDeclaration` class, but subclasses may override this method to create more specialized node declarations. ''' return BoxNodeDeclaration(self, nodeName, isSrc)
[docs] def supportsNode(self, nodeName): ''' Returns whether this box could possibly support a connection to a node of the given name. :note: A return value of True is not confirmation that the box absolutely will have a node of the given name in MotionBuilder, but it allows us to perform some rudimentary static checking at compile-time. :note: The default implementation simply requires that a non-blank node name be given in the node declaration. ''' return bool(nodeName)
[docs] def prepareNode(self, nodeName): ''' Signals to the box declaration that a connection is about to be made using one of the box's nodes. Gives the box an opportunity to ensure that the node exists. :note: The default implementation does nothing, but subclasses can override this method as necessary. ''' pass
[docs] def isMacroTool(self, isInput): ''' Returns whether this box represents either an input or an output macro tool, depending on the value of isInput. :note: The default implementation simply returns False to indicate that the box is not a macro tool at all. ''' return False